Food for life

         This is a three hour class that is practical, tasty and fun. 

         What you will experience and learn:-
         - Understanding different foods and how they nourish your body
         - Preparing simple, tasty meals from a few ingredients
         - Where to shop and how to understand labels
         - Body gratitude and 'being with ourselves"
         - Your stress bucket and how to "empty" it

        You will enjoy generous tastings and food demonstrations.
        Included are detailed notes, recipes and video links.
        It includes the Most Fantastic Bread, dips, dressings, granola, cake and some surprises.  

        Living Simply

         This three hour class covers effective tools and practical wisdom for a slower, simpler way of living.

         What you will experience-
        - effective deep breathing 
        - wording to get the outcome you desire
        - peaceful mindfulness meditations
        - how to stress less
        - transforming the place you love
        - harmonious relationships

        This class is about you, being who you truly are at your core, coming home to yourself and feeling fully
        supported to make simple changes for life to flow with more ease and grace.

Contact Glenda for further details and to register your interest.