Energy healing

Healing is remembering who you truly are.

What happens 

Clients rest  on a wide soft massage table deeply relaxing as hands are placed on various energy centres, joints and head points to enable the mind and body to release and re-align.

Your body holds the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions and emotions that you have stored all your life.

Could you benefit from letting go?

When Points on the head and body are gently held it allows the energy to rebalance, and the brain waves to actually slow down.  It is like clearing out the outdated programs on your computer hard drive to allow more space for new possibilities to show up in your life.  
Dr Martin Vogel and Irzhak Ventov revealed that in a state of meditation the electromagnetic field surrounding our head attunes to the basic electromagnetic field of the Earth at approximately 8Hz per second.  Perhaps that is why we feel so rejuvenated when surrounded by nature.  

Energy healing is a way to access this, like a mini holiday or having the best nights sleep.

These gentle relaxing sessions have been known to: reduce pain, promote restful sleep and create more ease in daily life and relationships.  

Energy healing can be beneficial for physical, mental and emotional balance and feels amazing.


 "The skull is like a skylight to link our emotions and souls 
with the imaginative possibilities of the spirit". Anon