Glenda J Gow

Who am I

I enjoy life, music, art, having fun, reading, learning, cooking, eating, connecting with people and spending time surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth.

What I do and Benefits to You

I use my experience and  knowledge of gentle processes including: Body/Mind awareness, Psychosomatics, Access Consciousness Bars™, Energy Balance, Body Healings, Mindfulness Meditation and Pragmatic Tools to support you in making changes that can bring you a contented healthier more enjoyable life.

You will be warmly welcomed to the clinic, a place to take time to BE. (After all we are human beings not human doings)
"One of our deepest desires is to be seen and loved not because we're helpful or original or wonderful in some way, but simply for who we are".  A.H. Almas

Education and experience

Due to health challenges in my early twenties and illness in my young children I researched Natural Health principles and modalities. This was at a time when research and information was not so readily available. Many failed and successfull experiments of buckwheat pancakes, gluten free bread etc. evidentually lead to knowledge and passion.  I then commenced facilitating workshops and seminars so others too could benefit from techniques that lead me to a life of joy and wellness.

I am passionate about preparing and eating natural real healthgiving foods. For me this is mostly grain and gluten free; making my own bread, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream and lots lots more. We are what we eat and nutrition plays an important part in the whole health of the body and brain.
I have a nationally accredited Advanced Graduate Diploma in Body Psychotherapy, am an Access Consciousness Bars™ practioner, and have over twenty years experience in the health and wellness fields including as a course facilitator and presenter. I enjoy learning and embrace new training to bring the most effective processes to my clients.