Weekly Mindfulness

                                   Weekly Mindfulness Class

                                                        Mindfulness Meditation
                                      Simple skills to use daily for a slower simpler way of living

          When: - Mondays 12 noon - 1pm - a peaceful beginning to your week

          "Drop in" sessions suitable for everyone

          Where:- Crows Nest Yoga 55 Falcon Street Crows Nest

          Suggested contribution $15 on the day

                                    When was the last time you paused and rested?

    -   Learn how to drop into the power of the present moment
    -   Become aware of new possibilities, and re-engage with life
    -   Each week will be a unique, practical and enjoyable experience with new insights,
        a variety of techniques and practical wisdom.

        Some of the likely benefits include:-

    -   decreased stress and anxiety
    -  improved wellbeing
    -  a sense of calm
    -  contentment and peacefulness

Facilitator:- Glenda Gow 0438 424 428

Glenda enjoys life: music, art, having fun, reading, learning, cooking, eating, connecting with people and spending time surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth.

Glenda has over twenty years experience in health and wellbeing with a nationally accredited Advanced Graduate Diploma in Body Psychotherapy (Adv.Grad.Dip.BPsych, MNFH).
Glenda supports her clients and students in a unique, practical and enjoyable way. This enables them to make the changes they desire to live a contented, healthy and conscious life.

Mindfulness is a way of shifting from doing to being, paying attention in the present moment to things just as they are, rather than how we would like them to be.


"Glenda takes you on a journey of connections, that assists the traveller to be more aware. This course has opened my eyes to the potential of being ‘mindful’ of moments, of living life to the full, rather than letting it rush past in a distracted blur".  JM

"It was an absolute pleasure to spend these lessons learning about mindfulness and soaking in amazing wisdom, knowledge & loving compassion". LW

"It was lovely to join with like minded people, to be reminded of how to treat ourselves with kindness. To experience stress reducing techniques, and know that we are enough just as we are. To learn to let go of the past and improve wellbeing and happiness in our lives."