Glenda Gow

"I had a healing with Glenda at a crisis point in my marriage.  I left the session feeling fantastic and with a complete turnaround of my feelings toward my husband.  Glenda's wisdom, skill and compassion are amazing". LW

"What an awakening experience a healing session with Glenda Gow is.  She is gifted with the ability to gently and joyfully guide you to shift the energy of wherever you're stuck and open you up to all sorts of awareness and possibilities.  How valuable is that?" LL

"I have experienced many amazing healings with Glenda.  Glenda always uses her innumerable talents in a caring, warmhearted, thoughtful way to assist me to clear the current issue whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.  During a session her unique ability to remain totally focused and in-tune with me feels enormously loving and supportive.  An extraordinary communicator Glenda always offers a variety of practical information for me to use at home to continue the healing process.  I am grateful for the ease and joy her treatments and her lighthearted spirit have brought into my life." IT

"I have and am learning to listen to my body which has made me feel like I have a new soul. With Glenda's guidance I am looking at life in a different way; it feels very light and freeing and has totally changed my relationships. My partner and family are finding my energy renewal and laughter astounding". CB

"The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable and has led to us having a much stronger relationship and partnership" RD

"Glenda is a confident and intuitive healer.  She has the ability to set a healing space that enables me to fully relax.  I have encountered many beautiful healings with Glenda that have given insight and meaning to the current situations I have found myself in.  This has lead to reflections and changes in my life and supported me on many levels." EB

"It was an absolute pleasure to spend these 6 lessons learning about Mindfulness and soaking in amazing wisdom, knowledge & loving compassion". LW

"Thank you so much Glenda, you are such a brilliant facilitator. You provide a warm, caring and loving environment for all to learn. I think if more people spent just one hour on themselves a week, we’d have a much happier world".  AO

"Glenda takes you on a journey of connections, where there is no specific destination and hence no sense that one must arrive, or have failed to do so. It is a journey that assists the traveller to be more aware, whilst encouraging you to appreciate both yourself and the world. This course has opened my eyes to the potential of being ‘mindful’ of moments, of living life to the full, rather than letting it rush past in a distracted blur". JM